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January 2010



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2nd Jan, 2010


Snow and ice

Lets put it into a phrase. "Ah it's not that bad mum was, ahhhhh!!!!! THUD!!!!!! It's snowed again, and for the first time since september 2008 i fell off my motorbike. Ouch does not do it justice, my left shoulder got twisted and is currentlly stiffening up despite the ice pack, thankfully no breaks, I was smart enought to wear my full gear which has nice thick kevlar plates in the knees elbows and shoulders thankgod. Well at least i made it to my garden gate beofre my dancing on ice audition tape, should be used to hitting thew deck where ice is involved after 4 years working at an ice rink. Thankfully other than being a bit shaky after nearly high siding it at the turn off from the main road, and a bit sore from my meeting with the road both me and the bike are in one piece and non the worse for wear, so point proven to all the silly little chav boys who ride with no helmet or safety gear on it does work.
 On a bright note  it's funny watching the cat skid down the road after a snowball and watching him realise he can't actually stop. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes the cat is as daft as me. Lol.
Oh and for those who don't know what a high side is, when you're riding a motor bike it's where the back end steps put one way then decides it wants to go the other way and spits you off into the air, god knows how i avoided it,  taxi driver in fronts reaction was pretty funny though.
And yes I am one of those who gets into messes like that and cracks up in hysterical laughter at the end of it all. lol
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31st Dec, 2009


Elf ears

Elf ears, who'd have thought it could be so hard to make a pair. Bloody things, I'm currently sat at my desk with a huge lump of wax clay and what few sculpting tools trying to remember how the hell i did it at college. Lol. Saying that, that's not the worst bit, casting my left ear last night was messy to say the least, didn't anticipate the container cut around my ear to leak quite as badly as it did, I almost got a full head cast thanks to that mistake, must remember to not cut quite so much from the bottom of the next container. The sculpt is going quite well bit simple at the mo, but it should get better, and note to self don't add quite so much bicarb and vinegar to the gelatin base, it has to be foamed not all over the kitchen. For those of you who don't know I'm cosplaying as Haldir from lord of the rings next year at a couple of cons including ringcon in bonn, booking my ticket and hotel in either march or february. Yay. Also part of a mahoosive lotr group at lonmdon expo a couple of weeks later, as a result I have a set of armor to make (crafdt foam time kiddies), a tunic and hose, boots and a wig to make, and this is on top of the victorian, tudor and 1940's stuff I plan to make at sdome point, well when I get my Patterns, gotta love sewingpatterns.com sales $1.99 a pattern. I use the stays as tops occasionally so Heck I figure a new pair won't help, especially as my current ones tabs are cut too high ion the waist and I've lost weight, but anyway back to the Haldir stuff, I'm gonna credit julia Mcgee Aka jedi elf queen for her templates which I'm going to use for the armor, and at some point my college tutor for teaching me to make wigs cos I refduse to pay £400 quid for a semi decent human hair wig with long platinum blonde hair, not when i can make it for at least a quarter of the cost. (I priced it all up the benefit of living near leeds the market believe it or not stocks stuff like that.) Reminds me must pick up some turps at some point to smooth the ear sculpts, works wonders for getting really fine near invisible edges on prosthetic sculpts.
Right back to the bloody ears, I will not let them beat me not this time. Lol.

29th Dec, 2009



Hehe it's been a good day today, ordered 5 yes 5 new historicaly based patterns from sewingpatterns.com goddess bless their $1.99 simplicity sale, i got 3 victorian and 2 tudor patterns, just gives me a basic template to work with when I can't be arsed drafting a compleatly new pattern, speaking of which I really need to get the templates done for my Haldir armor, hoping to ashow it off to the man who wore it first aka Monsuier Craig Parker in October at ringcon. So looking forwards to next year, hopefully be a good one. On a birghter note I found out today that I will indeed have both new years eve and new years day off, I'm a happy camper to quote father Jack. LOL..

Omg found up my photo album from the first time I ever met Craig Parker, he looks sooooooo young, and godess I look so Skinny. Lol, Ice skating accidents tend to make you put weight on cos you can't move much. Meh, I'm loosing again, actually got my 18th century stays laced shut last week i nearly fainted with shock, and the front of my sleepy hollow gown overlaps by about an inch each side, wow.

I'd better do this now and get it out of my system bewfore I make a tit of myself anf lok a right fangirl, my Craig obsession is back and full blown this time, I thought i was bad before, oh not not compared to this, and oh if anyone reading this has any masters of the rings pics from manchester 2004 with the girl in the elrond armor on, can you let me know and possibly send me them, i can't find any of the ones I took. I know Nixxie who has some pics on the craig daily has some (I think) don't quote me. Hehe.

Right gotta go I need my bed, slept on a sofa last night and everything is sore, even places i never knew could ache.